Doing the dishes

Posted on October 2, 2009

You DO want to do more than the minimum, don't you?While washing all of the coffee cups left in the office sink by others this morning, I was reminded of a lot of code I’ve seen lately.

How often do you open up a piece of code in Visual Studio to find something implemented in a completely ad hoc way, or only half done?  Swaths of code commented out, TODOs sprinkled throughout, all sorts of unrelated concerns mixed in.

These are dishes in the sink.  Someone went home early to get their weekend started and left the work for someone else to do.  This attitude can’t be tolerated in an organization that wants to win.

When hiring, I always look for people who go beyond the minimum.  These are the people who not only deliver great, complete code, but also mentor, blog, and develop their own works.  People who show up early and leave late because they love what they do and have a hard time walking away.  People who wear more than 15 pieces of flair.

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