Installing AnkhSVN on Vista

Posted on April 26, 2007

I just got a new notebook PC with Vista pre-installed.  After removing all the OEM applications and finally re-paving to remove a wasted (er, "recovery") partition, I'm installing all my development tools. One tool I've really come to appreciate is the AnkhSVN plugin for Visual Studio 2005.  Ankh integrates the Subversion (SVN) source code control system with VS.  I've used Subversion at work for the last two years, and I have to ...

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DataSet Visualizer for Visual Studio 2005

Posted on December 12, 2005

I work with DataSets quite a bit, and I'm a fan of the DataSet visualizers that were available for VS 2003.  The DataSet QuickWatch and the XML Visualizer were two that I used a lot.  In particular, XML Visualizer allowed you to display all of the different data versions available in a DataRow. Visual Studio 2005 ships with a DataSet visualizer, but it doesn't make all of the row versions available, nor does it show the row state.  So, I ...

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