Jesse Johnston

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About Me

What I do

I build software - lots of it. Mostly I work in the Microsoft stack (.NET, C#), and do both front-end and back-end development work. A typical application for me would be a JavaScript web client that uses AJAX to call REST APIs running on EC2 or Google Cloud Engine and using MongoDb for data access.

Lately my front-end work has focused on React/Redux clients. I also do ASP.NET 5 MVC and occasionally build iOS apps. My server-side efforts are mostly in C#, building microservices on the new .NET Core platform. I work full stack, down to database design and data access layers, typically with a NoSQL store like MongoDb.

Where I do it

My company is Home Depot. Home Depot is a leading retailer of home improvement and construction products and services. I work on the QuoteCenter team developing the next generation system for quoting large orders. It's a huge time-saver for contractors with big, complex projects.

You may also know me from my work at Vertigo Software. Before being acquired by MLB Advanced Media, Vertigo was a long-time Microsoft Partner, doing a lot of work for Microsoft and other Fortune 500 clients. I had some great opportunities there working with the Microsoft Windows Intune team, and also building the new audio streaming system for Seattle's best radio station, KEXP.

It's hard to stop at 6pm. I always have at least one venture going on in my spare time. I was a developer and co-founder of The Pick King, a virtual sportsbook game in Facebook for fantasy sports betting. Before that, I was CTO at Songflame, where I built a music-sharing application for online dating.

What's next?

Are you doing something cool? Building something big? I'm always interested in startup opportunities. We should talk.